Operation Clean Sweep preventing pellet loss

Five Basic Steps for Management: Implementing Operation Clean Sweep®

  1. Commit to making zero pellet loss a priority. 
  2. Assess your company's situation and needs. 
    • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations that address pellet containment.
    • Conduct a site audit.
    • Determine if you have appropriate facilities and equipment.
    • Determine if employees have and are following appropriate procedures.
    • Identify problem areas and develop new procedures to address them.
    • Communicate your experiences to peers in the industry.
  3. Make necessary upgrades in facilities and equipment as appropriate.
  4. Raise employee awareness and create accountability.
    • Establish written procedures (The procedures and checklists in this manual may be modified to suit your needs. They are available in the checklists section of this website).
    • Make certain the procedures are readily available to employees.
    • Conduct regular employee training and awareness campaigns on Operation Clean Sweep.
    • Assign employees the responsibility to monitor and manage pellet containment.
    • Encourage each worker to sign the employee commitment pledge.
    • Solicit employee feedback on your program.
    • Use workplace reminders such as stickers, posters, etc.
  5. Follow up and enforce procedures - when management cares, employees will too.
    • Conduct routine inspections of the facility grounds - production areas and parking lots, drainage areas, driveways, etc.
    • Continuously look for ways to improve the program. Share best practices through the Operation Clean Sweep Website

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