Operation Clean Sweep preventing pellet loss

Pledge to Prevent Pellet Loss

Take the Pledge for Your Company

To demonstrate your commitment to a clean environment, please complete the "Pledge to Prevent Resin Pellet Loss." 

In return, your company will receive a certificate suitable for display affirming your commitment to being an Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) Partner.

Signing this pledge will qualify your company's name to be added (unless otherwise specified) to the list of OCS Program Partners on the Operation Clean Sweep website. Listed partner company names may be used in publicity for the program.

Have Your Employees Take the Pledge

  • Individual personal commitment of every employee is the key to success.
  • Encourage every employee to be fully engaged and committed to following the OCS principles every day.
  • Having each employee sign a personal pledge is an effective way to gain that commitment.

» PDF Version: Operation Clean Sweep Program Manual