Operation Clean Sweep preventing pellet loss

Procedures: Waste Recycling and Disposal

Ensure pellets are properly disposed of to avoid contaminating the environment.

  • Store waste pellets in properly labeled containers.
    • Do not permit loose pellets to accumulate on the ground or floors.
    • Install a minimum of one pellet-specific waste container in each pellet-handling area.
    • Routinely check that there is adequate waste storage capacity.

  • Use separate containers for recyclable and non-recyclable pellets.
  • Use only covered containers or vehicles without leaks.
  • Inspect and confirm proper handling and storage procedures if an outside vendor is used for waste removal.
    • Stress the need for "no loss to the environment" procedures.
  • Preferred disposal methods are:
    • Recycle or resell waste pellets.
    • Approved incineration of waste pellets in properly licensed and operated incinerators.
    • Deposit in a controlled landfill only after confining pellets in such a manner that prevents their loss due to rain, wind, flooding, etc.
    • Consider using waste pellets in a fuel-blending program.

  • Include pellet retention capabilities and practices in criteria for selecting waste disposal companies.

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