Operation Clean Sweep preventing pellet loss


Make a Commitment

To show their support of Operation Clean Sweep®, Supporters  make an annual commitment. During the commitment year, Supporters agree to perform one or more of the following actions:

  • Perform outreach to at least two other potential OCS Partners or Supporters to request participation; and/or
  • Publish or present educational information on OCS to the Supporter’s value chain (customers or suppliers) or member companies through the Supporter’s media properties, which may include social media and web properties; and/or
  • Publish educational information on OCS through third party media outlets or scientific/technical/trade journals.

As part of their commitment, Supporter organizations agree to:

  • Use the program materials supplied by OCS;
  • Include links or references to OCS social media and web properties (e.g., including a link to the OCS website); and
  • Coordinate with OCS staff about planned and executed outreach, publication, and presentations so that OCS can maximize the efforts of its Supporters.

In return, a Supporter may use the OCS logo and name for each commitment year. Supporters may choose to note their status, for example, on a company website or customer literature, and may find that being an OCS Supporter enhances the company’s sustainability program.  

» Complete the OCS Supporter Commitment Form