Operation Clean Sweep preventing pellet loss

Supporter Commitment Form

Our commitment will be for one year from the date of we sign this form, with the option to renew annually. As part of our commitment, we agree to help promote the program and help grow the number of Partners and Supporters in support of OCS’s mission of controlling and reducing pellet loss to the environment. Specifically, we agree to do one of the following:

  • Perform outreach to at least two other potential OCS Partners or Supporters to request participation; and/or
  • Publish or present educational information on OCS to the Supporter’s value chain (customers or suppliers) or member companies through the Supporter’s media properties, which may include social media and web properties; and/or
  • Publish educational information on OCS through third party media outlets or scientific/technical/trade journals.

We also agree to:

  • Use the program materials supplied by OCS;
  • Include links or references to OCS social media and web properties (e.g., including a link to the OCS website); and
  • Coordinate with OCS staff about planned and executed outreach, publication, and presentations so that OCS can maximize the efforts of its Supporters.

As a Supporter, we understand that we may use the trademarked Operation Clean Sweep® logo and name, as well as the copyrighted OCS materials, subject to the following license:

  • Supporter understands the OCS Marks are owned exclusively by SPI, and the OCS Materials are co-owned by ACC and SPI. The OCS Materials include only the materials posted on the OCS website www.plastics.ca/ocs for companies located in Canada and www.opcleansweep.org for companies located in the U.S.
  • Supporter is granted a limited, non-transferable license to use the OCS Marks and OCS Materials to promote the OCS program, and for no other purpose. Supporter may use the OCS Marks and OCS Materials on its website and in other advertising and marketing materials, but the OCS Marks and OCS Materials shall not be used on or in connection with any product or service provided or offered by Supporter or in any manner that implies that ACC and/or SPI endorse Supporter’s products and services. The OCS Marks and OCS Materials must be used in their exact forms without revision or modification, and all uses of the OCS Marks must include the ® registration symbol.
  • Supporter shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines when promoting the OCS program.
  • SPI and ACC may terminate the rights and licenses granted to Supporter herein at any time and for any reason in their sole discretion. Upon termination, Supporter shall immediately cease all use of the OCS Marks and OCS Materials.

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