The following companies, associations, and coalitions have committed to support Operation Clean Sweep®:

D.R. Joseph, Inc.
Arlington, TX

Fauna & Flora International
Cambridge, UK

Scotland, UK

Charlottesville, CA

Overland Park, KS

Kureha America Inc.
New York, NY

New Life Plastic Recycling, Inc.
Burlington, NC

Cincinnati, OH

Parc Corporation
Romeoville, IL

Plastics Machinery
Peninsula, OH

Plastics Plus Technology Inc. 
Redlands, CA

Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean
Granville, VT

Sustainability Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers
Bethel, CT

Thermal Care
Niles, IL

Western Plastics Association
Newport Beach, CA

California Coastal Cleanup


Operation Clean Sweep Celebrates 25 Years

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Explore our manual
Explore our manual

Employees basically want to do the right thing and making it easy for them to accomplish the goals ensures the success of the program.